Exato is a ground-up reimagining of automation systems and show control. Based on our patent-pending technology, Exato is a self-contained software system that controls a vast variety of stage machinery.

We care about reliability, creativity, and safety, because we live this. Developed by an international team of experts, Exato exists because we wanted to bring better tools to work. Our team has extensive experience in permanent installation, concert touring, production design, machinery productization, enterprise IT, and UI/UX design for complex systems.

Exato’s self-contained software architecture reduces vendor lock-in for hardware. Exato eliminates the need for expensive industrial PLCs or legacy embedded systems for motion control. It standardizes how stage automation devices appear to the operator and integrators, regardless of what type of drive powers the machine. We can interface with SCADA-like systems like Beckhoff TwinCat or Siemens SIMOTION, but we aren’t dependent on it.

Exato integrates natively with great industrial products. Currently, we offer first-class integration capability for Kollmorgen AKD drives, Control Techniques’ Unidrive M702 and M750 drives, and Teknic ClearPath SC-series servo products. Our first-class in-house integrations offer comprehensive control and configurations of drives with completely digital communications protocols, on par with each manufacturer’s own configuration and control software.

We talk to everyone. Exato integrates natively with other show control protocols, including PosiStageNet (PSN), Art-Net, DMX, OSC, and KinesysNet. Our internally-developed implementations are fast and robust, crafted to make the best use of the native properties of each protocol.

Exato’s flexible framework runs anywhere. ExatoCore runs on Linux and Windows, on anything from an embedded ARM processor to a massively multi-threaded enterprise-grade server. We even support VMware and QEMU!

XaStream architecture offers safe and secure network communications. All Exato devices in the environment communicate via patent-pending XaStream – a fast, encrypted network protocol, providing a stable platform that encapsulates data to and from legacy industrial protocols like Modbus, telnet, Control Techniques, eCMP, Kinesys’ KinesysNet, and EtherCAT. Its internal safety communications on the network are deterministic and validated, using enterprise-grade security to protect the motion and safety communications from disruption or unauthorized access. The protocol can easily be switched, routed, and trunked with commodity networking hardware for flexible management that’s easy to understand.

Join our coalition of the willing!

The Exato Company supports partners from varied disciplines – staging OEMs, rental shops, production & lighting designers, and automation operators. We’re dedicated to being a software and support company, out here to help everyone make safer, standardized, and flexible equipment to make shows move.

Are you an OEM who wants to make automation equipment, but needs software and electronics design to coordinate and cue motion? Does your shop have existing machinery inventory you’d like to upgrade to run on the modular Exato Drive? Do you have a show design you’d like help to figure out how to automate? Talk with us! We like making stuff move easily, in a way that gets everyone wrapped in time for dinner.