Exato Drive U

The Exato Drive U-series is a universal servo drive system in a standard rack-mount form factor. With support for a wide variety of motors, brakes, encoders, and general I/O, the Exato Drive U-series is ideal for retrofitting existing equipment, or for powering a varied inventory of machinery.

Designed by a coalition of veterans of performer flying, touring, and high-performance machinery operation, this tiny powerhouse is built to meet modern safety standards and integrate proper safety devices like light curtains, ultimate limits, and external emergency stop systems. All components have been selected so the Exato Drive U meets the UL508 standard, and can be certified to be used in a SIL3 environment.


Exato Drive U3 200V
Dimensions3U rackmount, 600mm deep
Rated motor power208 VAC
11A continuous, 16A peak
Dynamic braking400W 100 Ω braking resistor for dynamic braking regeneration, with dedicated internal cooling.
Rated brake power120 VAC single phase / 205 VAC 2-phase, 6 A
Optional 24VDC brake control signal available.
ConnectionsPower: L21-30 twist-lock jack
Control: Ethercon to XaStream network
Emergency stop: 4-pin XLR jack for SIL3 configurations
Axis: single Harting connector for motor power, logic power, dual encoder feedback, brake power & control, limit & ultimate limit sensors, homing sensor, XaID, and load cell feedback.
Encoders supportedDual feedback of any mixture of:
EnDat, SSI, BiSS, HIPERFACE, SinCos, or incremental
InterfaceOnboard touch screen for Exato Drive configuration & local jog control
VentilationVariable 60-120 CFM pull from front panel through user-washable filter, exhaust to rear