Automatic Devices T-Lift 2.0

Automatic Devices’ award-winning T-Lift 2.0 is the easiest, fastest automated curtain rigging system ever. Now you can rig your curtain system in minutes instead of days!

Standard modules of custom automation truss create a robust motorized line shaft with any number of lines. Install a multi-line lift system virtually anywhere you can hang a truss – quickly, easily and safely.

Control architecture onboard the T-Lift 2.0 is shared with the Exato Drive U-series, and it shares the patent-pending zero-fleet drum system with the ADC ConTour®, allowing for easy cross-training for rental shops familiar with either product. The T-Lift 2.0 is also available without built-in control electronics for use directly with the Exato Drive U, for applications requiring rackmount control equipment.

Winner of PLSN’s Best New Hardware award at LDI 2020!


  • Modular, self-contained unit for easy touring and installation.
  • Open-bottom automation truss allows lift lines to be dropped anywhere on shaft.
  • ½” black webbing instead of wire rope is silent, strong and resilient.
  • Quick disconnect allows lift line to travel with curtain rather than being re-run for each install.
  • Zero-fleet yo-yo drum prevents tangling lift lines or shifting position.
  • Self-aligning, tool free shaft coupler is fast, easy and safe.
  • Powerful servo moto is compact enough to fit completely within the truss.

The ADC T-Lift 2.0 is available through Rose Brand and Automatic Devices. Technical specifications are available at


Dimensions14×14 in. open-bottom truss in 10 ft., 8 ft., and 6 ft. sections
Weight20 lbs / ft (based on 3 sheaves per 10 ft)
Rated lift capacity600 lb. curtain capacity in standard configuration
Speed0.5 m / second
Maximum lift line length60 ft
Power208 VAC
60/50 Hz
15 A peak, 1-4 A RMS depending on load