Exato Drive M-Series comparison

Exato Drive MX (front)

The Exato Drive M-Series drives are networkable, modern stage automation controllers. Each drive has an identical 3U rackmount form factor for easy packaging in touring or permanent installation racks, and all share the same universal axis connector, making cabling simple, inexpensive, and safe.

The Exato Drive MX is a high-powered servo drive is compatible with more machine types than any other stage automation drive. It’s capable of powering AC motors or servo motors, reads multiple types of encoders, supports dual independent brake control for lifting axes, and uses components capable of SIL3-level safety performance.

The Exato Drive MV is is an economical drive for machinery with an AC motor and incremental encoder. It’s a cost-effective solution for permanent installations, retrofits, and simple machines.

The “Lite” models are simplified variants of the MV and MX, for axes that don’t need hot-plug identification capability, touchscreen, local jog control, or emergency stop over Ethernet.

All MV-class machinery can be powered by the MX, for future-proofing and backwards-compatibility.

Motor supportedMVMV-LiteMXMX-Lite
Servo motor support (synchronous)noyes
AC motor support (induction / async)yes
Peak output3 kW
(4 hp)
12 kW
Continuous output3 kW
(4 hp)
4 kW

Closed-loop position controlyes
Live position re-homingyes
Axis grouping & sychronizationyes1yes
Embedded Exato Boardyesnoyesno
Exato axis identifieryesnoyesno
Touch screen jog & diagnosticsyesnoyesno
Motor identifiernoyesyes2
Motor identifiernoyes, with adapter
Ethernet emergency stopyesnoyesno
Cat0 emergency stop (hard stop)yes
Cat1 emergency stop (decel stop)noyesno
Safety IO monitoring subsystemnoyes
Auto-addressing by Exato Serveryes
Auto-addressing by DHCPyesnoyesno
Manufacturers supportedMVMV-LiteMXMX-Lite
Exato MV-certified axisyes
Exato MX-certified axisnoyes
Creative Connors Stagehand Apprenticeyes, with adapter
Creative Connors Stagehand Pronoyes, with adapter
Kinesys Elevation+yes, with adapteryes, with adapter
retrofit with Exato Breakoutyes, AC motor with incremental encoderyes
Encoder supportMVMV-LiteMXMX-Lite
Incremental quadratureyes, 1yes, 4yes, 2
SinCosnoyes, 1
Hiperfacenoyes, 2yes, 1
BISSnoyes, 2yes, 1
EnDat 2.1 / 2.2noyes, 2yes, 1
SSInoyes, 2yes, 1
AC brake power & controlyes
24V DC brake power & controlyes
Position limit inputsyes
Homing sensor inputyesno
Identification light outputyesno
Independent secondary brake controlnoyes
SIL3-capable ultimate limit inputyes

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