Automatic Devices ConTour Winch

The ConTour® winch is a compact, fast, prop winch capable of 1 meter / sec speed with a payload of 100 kg, developed in partnership between Automatic Devices Company (ADC) and the Exato Company. With a lifting capacity of 100 kg (220 lbs) at 1 meter/second, it fits a unique market need between simple DMX winches and chain hoists.

It inherits the zero-fleet drum system from the award-winning ADC T-Lift 2.0, with a woven lifting line. It’s gentle enough for use with curtains as delicate as theatrical gauze, and beefy enough for safely lifting heavy props, lights, or LED video panels.

Designed from the ground up as a native Exato®-compatible device, it integrates seamlessly into Exato control environments with repeatably precise control, network safety-rated emergency stop, DMX & ArtNet cueing, and simple onboard jogging.

Control architecture onboard the ConTour is shared with the Exato Drive TN, allowing for easy cross-training for rental shops familiar with either product. ConTours are also available without built-in control electronics for use directly with the Exato Drive TN, for applications requiring rackmount control equipment.

The ADC ConTour is available through Rose Brand and Automatic Devices.

Available in T-Lift 2.0-style 14″x14″ box truss, or standalone truss cage.


Dimensions600 x 260 x 300 mm
Weight25 kg
Rated lift capacity120 kg
Speed1 m / sec
Maximum lift line length18 m
Power208 VAC
60/60 Hz
16 A peak, 1-6 A RMS depending on load
ConnectionsPower: L22-20 twist-lock whip
Control: Ethercon whip
Emergency stop: 4-pin XLR whip for SIL3 configurations
InterfaceOnboard touch screen for Exato Drive configuration & local jog control